Corporate Air America (CAA) is owned by Tom Rushworth of Fort Lee, NJ USA. Tom is responsible for all operations of the virtual charter service.

Our Hubs

Corporate Air America currently operates from four hubs in the United States. In the Northeast, our hub is at Teterboro Airport (KTEB) in Teterboro, New Jersey. In the Southeast, we operate from Page Airfield (KFMY) in Fort Meyers, Florida. In the center of the country we have a hub operating out of Spirit of St. Louis Airport (KSUS) in St. Louis, Missouri and our west coast hub is at Sacramento Executive Airport (KSAC) in Sacramento, California.

All aircraft in our fleet operate out of all four hubs. For more information about each of our hubs, click on "Our Hubs" in the menu above. For a complete list of aircraft currently in our fleet, click on "Our Fleet" in the menu above.

Flight Assignments & Operational Procedures

After joining CAA a pilot will have access to the "Assignments" page. At CAA we have a very flexible assignment procedure that we believe will fit each pilots flying preference. For those pilots that want to check in, pick an assignment and start flying, they can choose from a list of all available assignments. For those pilots that believe it is more realistic to be told where to fly or would simply like to be surprised, there is an "Assignment Request" form that can be completed and submitted. An assignment will be sent to you by email, usually within 24 hours. If a pilot wants to fly to a destination to which there is no current assignment or wants to use a different aircraft, the pilot may fly any assignment if two conditions are met:

1. The PIREP for any segment that is not an existing CAA flight at the time flown MUST be recorded with FSACARS. When filling in FSACARS the pilot will use a bogus 9999 flight number. Manual PIREP reporting will not work as there is no real flight number.

2. At the completion of the assignment, the pilot must send a simple email stating the route flown and the aircraft used. The assignment may then be added to the database for future use by other pilots. The assignment should start and end at a hub. The email should be sent after the pilot has reached the ending hub. For route flown, only the airports you landed at should be included. It is not necessary to report the actual flight plans.

The assignment would include aircraft, flight number, departure airport and destination airport. The flights do not have to be flown in "real time." However, CAA does not support FS "accelerated time." The weather should be real world weather. You can get the weather from FS, VATSIM, Active Sky, FS Meteo or any weather utility you choose. Flights may be flown off line or, if you prefer to fly on-line, we recommend VATSIM. You may also fly using Flight Simulator's multiplayer mode. For information about VATSIM, please go to

Pilot Reports (PIREPs)

At this time we are strongly recommending that all pilots use FSACARS for the automatic submission of PIREPs. FSACARS is a small easy to use program and it is free. Once you join you will have access to instructions on setting up FSACARS for CAA. If you would like to learn more about FSACARS their web site is at

For those pilots that are unable to use FSACARS, we also provide for the manual submisson of PIREPs.

Pilot Ranks

Pilot Ranks are only used by CAA as a measure of service with CAA. All pilots are treated equally when it comes to flight assignments. The following ranks are currently used by CAA:

CAA Pilot Ranks
Rank Required Hours
Jr. First Officer Less Than 25
First Officer 25 to 50
Sr. First Officer 50 to 100
Jr. Captain 100 to 200
Captain 200 to 400
Sr. Captain 400 to 700
Commander 700 to 1,000
Sr. Commander 1,000 or More